Cool Paws Bath Brush
Cool Paws Bath Brush
Cool Paws Bath Brush
Cool Paws Bath Brush
Cool Paws Bath Brush
Cool Paws Bath Brush

Cool Paws Bath Brush

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Turn your dog's regular bath into a soothing experience with our Cool Paws 2-in-1 Bath Brush. 

Flexible bristles create a fine lather and distribute shampoo deep down into your dog's coat, brushing through their fur and undercoat to get rid of all soil, muck, and dirt. Allowing you to recreate the experience and results of a professional grooming salon at home.

It's also proven to improve their blood circulation, exfoliate their skin, and remove dead hair. Results you cannot achieve just by using your fingers.

Our nifty bath brush has a built-in shampoo dispenser making it quicker and easier to distribute shampoo over your dog.

Just fill-up the compartment by unlocking the bottom part of the brush and release the liquid by pressing the squeezy part on the top of the brush while bathing your dog. The shampoo will naturally flow down to the dispenser.

Its compact size, ergonomic shape, and rubber side grips make it easy to hold and ensure it doesn’t slip out of your hand battling with your pooch in the bath.

If your dog gets stressed, licky pad might be a great addition to your regular bath routine!


  • Removes muck, soil, and dirt from your dog’s fur with ease
  • No more reaching for slippery shampoo bottle – the brush has a handy shampoo dispenser
  • Rubber grips for better handling
  • Soothing massage experience for your dog
  • Soft, silicone bristles create a generous foam
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Removes dead skin cells and shedding fur