About us

Cool Paws were always all about our favourite pets, our daily mood boosters and great friends.

Our mission is to make dogs life comfortable, fun and safe. 
From training, through travel to cosy rest time, you can be sure your pet is in the best possible mood and thriving. 

Cool Paws Travel

We have a vast selection of pet product helping to make travelling with your pet enjoyable and seamless!

Exploring the world with your furry friend is the best way to do it. 

Cool Paws Mats

Get ready for a summer heatwave with our revolutionary, weight activated cooling pads.

Filled with heat-wicking gel, they will be your pet's favourite destination during summer months. 

Cool Paws Joy

Playtime ahead!

Cool Paws covers your pet needs to have fun with you or to keep themselves entertained. 



We are based in London, UK.


Contact us on: info@cool-paws.co.uk