Care instructions

Cooling Pad

Place mat on flat, level surface. No water, refrigeration or electricity necessary.

Hand-smooth any bumps in a pad (occurring from storage).

Inner cooling gel keeps your pet cool, absorbing its body temperature for comfort lasting up to three (3) hours.

Cooling capacity automatically re-adjusts when mat is unused for 15 – 20 minutes  - shake the pad to for a quicker heat release.

For faster cooling re-adjustment, place pad in refrigerator briefly until it reaches desired coolness.

Cleaning instructions

Cool Paws Cooling Pad is easily cleaned using warm soapy water or warm water with a mild, highly diluted detergent.

Wipe with a soft dry cloth.

Do NOT machine wash or boil the pad.

Do NOT use dryer (tumble-dry appliance) to dry the pad.

Ensure that the pad is dry before storing.

Cover the pad when in storage to avoid milder buildup.

Hand-smooth any bumps when folding the pad for storage

CAUTIONS • Do NOT place the pad in direct sunlight or use in humid conditions.


Cooling Vest

Do not bleach. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. 

Remove the vest from the packaging - it will feel damp , this is normal.

Soak the vest in cold water and gently squeeze out any excess water. Do not wring.

The vest is now ready to put on your pet.

Do not leave your dog unattended when wearing this vest.

The vest cools by slowly allowing the stored water to evaporate.

The vest will become less flexible as it dries, but can be reactivated and softened by soaking again.

Do not allow the vest to fully dry while your pet is wearing it.


Care instructions 

If the vest is in daily use it can be stored damp in a resealable bag, ready for use next time it is needed.

If the vest is to be stored for long periods of time, it should be folded and allowed to dry naturally before placing in a resealable bag.

Before re-use the vest will need to be soaked again.

Do not unfold the vest when it is dry.

Soak in water and gently unfold when the vest has become soft and flexible again.


Cooling Collar

Do not let your pet chew this collar. 

If the collar rips or tears, stop using it immediately.

Contents might be harmful if swallowed.

Do not freeze. 

To reactivate, put the collar in a cool place for 15 minutes.

Surface wash only and allow to air-dry.  


Microfibre Towel

Wash in warm or hot water using a mild detergent. 

Do not bleach.

Do not use fabric softeners. 

Avoid washing with cotton fabrics (it will pick up lint).

To ensure the longest lasting microfibre, air dry - it dries really quick.


Car Seat 

 Wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

Leave to dry.

Do not machine wash.


Buddy Lick Pad

Mount the lick pad on a desired surface using suction cups on the back of the lick pad.  

Spread your dogs favourite treat on the lick pad.

We recommend using peanut butter, yoghurt, fresh minced meat or any solid fats like beef dripping. 

After using, wash in a dishwasher (top rack) or hand-wash with a brush. 

Make sure there is no leftover food in on the surface of the licky pad before storing.


Pet bottle

Disassemble the bottle and wash all parts with soft sponge.

Leave to dry.


Toothbrush toy

 Soak the toy in warm, soapy water to dissolve the leftover toothpaste. 

Use a long brush to clean internally (you can use a narrow bottle brush).

Leave to dry.